Dr Mark Glazebrook

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Dr Mark Glazebrook has been at the forefront of sustainability and corporate responsibility in Australia. Specifically, Mark has specialised in taking good intentions of companies and turning these into practical and lasting change.

As Head of Social Responsibility for over 10 years, Mark lead ground breaking social and environmental initiatives that improved the lives of many communities across Australia and internationally.

Here just a few of his achievements:

A non sniffable fuel called Opal that drastically reduced petrol sniffing amongst remote communities.

First major café chain to introduce fair trade coffee across all BP Wild Bean Cafe’s.

Created an Indigenous supplier program that enabled new start ups to grow to a national stage.

Several social enterprises that continue to benefit homeless people, children and Aboriginal people.

Carbon offset program to enable fuel customers to offset their carbon emissions.

Mark now runs a business advisory called On Purpose supporting leaders and leading organisations become clearer about why their business exists and how having a strong organisational purpose is key to engaged and motivated employees and long term profitability.



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