I would like to introduce to you inspirational Safety Speaker Alan Newey.
Alan Newey is a survivor of a workplace accident. Having lost his right dominant arm to a conveyor belt accident, and spent many years in recovery and rehabilitation, he now presents to groups and businesses on the effects of his workplace accident and the impact on him and his family.
Alan speaks from the point of view of an injured worker and gives a real insight into what happens to you during and after such a life-changing experience. Alan is extremely confronting on the issues and effects of a workplace accident, and his presentation not only addresses the sequence of events leading up to his accident, the flow on affect, but the issues surrounding OHS today and how “OHS is not just another thing I have to do.
“After Alan’s presentation I have had many of our employees come and see me about hazardous situations that they may have previously walked by and done nothing about. Alan’s presentation has gone a long way to opening up their to the possibility of a injury or incident occurring and for this we thank Alan very much.” Michael Smith HSE Manager – Pluto LNG Project RCRFM Services ( Karratha WA )
“Alan’s talk to our Team last week was amazing. Whilst talking for 45 minutes to all of our Operators and Operations Staff, you could hear a pin drop on the carpet, he captivated everyone with his story, what an incredible journey he has been on. The feedback I have received so far from people on the day was that he was an excellent person to come and talk as he was a real life example of the potential of what could go wrong when Safety fails in a business. Everyone found his story powerful and confronting, thank you so much for sharing him with us, we will never forget him.” – Mariana Roldan, Operations Manager – Dulux
If you would like more information on Alan please go here or if you would like to check his availability and fee please feel free to contact me direct.
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Adrian Lyssenkoff