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Anton Guinea On the art of care factor leadership

Anton Guinea is an Entrepreneur,  Speaker, bestselling author, and founder of The Guinea Group of Companies. With a business career spanning more than 13 years, and with extensive experience working with staff at all levels of more than 100 businesses worldwide, Anton helps leaders to inspire their teams to become better versions of themselves with an engaging and innovative approach that is based on the concept of care factor leadership.

Since a life changing incident, where he was blown up in a switchboard at work, during his early years working as an electrician, Anton has taken his powerful messages and keynotes around the world to inspire people to take action and improve their situation. His zest for life is infectious and attendees leave his sessions inspired to act.

Anton calls himself and ‘Activist’ for positive culture change for robust and influential communication in the workplace, and for doing no harm to each other in our work (and personal) relationships. He has been termed ‘Mr Fix it’ in relation to under performing teams, where his work has transformed teams from totally dysfunctional to very high performing.

His passion for life shows up in his love for triathlon, and with the mantra that ‘life is like a long swim, ride and run’ he uses Ironman Triathlon analogies (like transitioning through change processes) to help leaders to learn how to care for themselves, their teams and their business.

The life of contemporary leaders is more demanding than ever. Within their businesses, they need to motivate a diverse group of women and men, work across organisational boundaries, improve efficiency to achieve growth. Demands come from managing various employee generations, to managing emerging technologies. Externally, leaders are required to serve clients and stakeholders. And, within the global economy, leaders need to be flexible and able to adapt to changing circumstances. They must work across cultural boundaries and lead team members who, at times, are very different from them and have different ways of working together, and getting work done. Leaders must communicate effectively, with care and with no harm done. Developing leaders who can face these challenges requires a unique approach. First of all is a mindset that leaders are bred not born. With the right support, coaching and training, you can develop great leaders in your business! The focus should be on creating leaders that are committed, courageous and caring. And, those same qualities should be instilled in your teams. Getting that right creates high performing teams!