Baden Cooke

Coming from a regular family in country Victoria to winning the Green Jersey in the Tour de France, going to the Olympics, winning Commonwealth games medal, living in Monaco, owning 10 houses and driving a Ferrari and a Maserati. All before 30.
Losing it all through bad business deals. Dealing with disappointment of retirement.
Starting from scratch and now owning a high end bicycle company with their own manufacturing, sponsoring a team in the Tour de France and just recently their bikes winning a stage and finishing 3rd overall in the Tour de France. Business is booming.
Baden speaks about the power of visualisation and the power that it gave him to beat other riders who were stronger that him.
Baden touches on the drug epidemic that was in cycling, how he avoided falling into the trap and how he managed to beat the cheats.
Baden speaks about losing almost all of his money in bad business deals due to corruption in Italy and how heI had to come to terms with starting all over again.
Starting a family and the fears that he had finishing cycling with no business skills, no experience and no money.
A highly engaging Speaker with a real world story to inspire!