Grant Mullen

Grant Mullen
Three Quarters persuasion specialist Two Quarters human behavioural specialist One Quarter entertainer and zero parts numbers genius, Grant has been speaking to large crowds of B2B sales professionals and corporate Australia since 2008.
Grant began his speaking career in 1980 whilst in primary school and turned his skills of persuasive argument, self styled “tongue-fu” and NLP mastery into an explosive career in corporate sales, leadership and training.
Grant is the author of “Mind Hack” and “Heroic Sales” as well as his successful training program “Business Breakthrough” and “The 90 Day Business Transformation”
A native of Melbourne, Grant, his wife Gaynor and 2 teenage children moved to Hobart, Tasmania to spearhead the highest ever recorded growth in sales volume and new customers for L’Oreal Professionnel. Grant took the business there from a struggling minus 6% growth and a few hundred thousand in trade to a whopping $1.4 Million and +24% growth [for 6 years] in under 12 months.
He now teaches his unique blend of science, human behaviour and inspirational leadership skills to your team, showing them how they can do exactly the same and more! “Becoming number one in Asia Pacific is one thing, doing it remotely from an island state is entirely another”. These skills are completely transferrable to your team and should be implemented immediately.


RESILIENT SALES TEAMS: There are three parts to the individuals within your sales teams. Their heads [how they think], their hearts [how they feel], and their hands [what they can/will do] Motivation is fine, and so is training, but your teams need more than that. Your entire team will learn to think as one, lift one another up and move as a unit. It is when your sales team are “picked off” one at a time when the cracks begin to appear. It is not a skills problem, quite simply, it is a cultural problem. Grant will encourage, empower and equip your team and your sales will not just grow, they will multiply!
EFFECTIVE SALES TEAMS Sales, is both an art and a science. This effective and powerful keynote unlocks and simplifies the deep level psychological principals understood by key people of influence and transfers these tools to your team in a simple and tailored framework, which can be repeated for the life of your business in order to BLITZ your sales numbers and break every record. No more convincing, no more objection handling and more profit.
INFLUENTIAL SALES TEAMS: There are six pillars of influence you must know as a sales team. – reciprocity – commitment and consistency – social proof – authority – liking – scarcity & rarity When your sales team understands these principles and uses them in a disciplined and measurable way, there can be no stopping your growth as a corporate business. Your team will feel like superheroes after learning these secrets and Grant will provide them with simple, easy and FUN strategies for remembering how to implement the six frameworks for increased sales performance.
MEMORY & COPYWRITING 1.5HR Short Sessions Grant is a human behavioural specialist and NLP “tongue fu” master. The Mega Memory workshop uses hypnotic memory visualisation techniques known as “pegging” and will help your sales team to remember key points in high pressure situations resulting in higher levels of influence.
Milton Language is an expressive and influential written tool for sales people who are required to write proposals, social media copy and scripts. Learning this highly hypnotic language gives your team 8 most powerful phrases to use in persuasive sales copywriting and spoken language.


I had Grant Mullen speak at my distributor conference in Melbourne recently and I must say that his inspirational manner and powerful delivery had my team buzzing for months. So much so that some of my distributors hired him again. I would recommend him very highly and will personally use him again.  – Danny Cmrlec Managing Director of Natulique Australia.
GRANT MULLEN – not just a speaker! If you want energy, quick wit, straight-talking and audience participation then go to Grant Mullen. Grant is a very talented orator, he has a natural and easy going presence on stage, bundles of energy and performs at his best when able to engage the audience in participation and feedback. I had the pleasure of working with Grant on 2 corporate conferences where we needed to motivate a franchise group and equip business partners with the sales knowledge and personal development insights needed to build their businesses. On both occasions, Grant designed and delivered a 2hr workshop that addressed the needs of the business. He created a very valuable workbook for each session that he then took attendees through in a variety of interactive modules. The fact that the attendees had something tangible, relevant and practical to take away with them added huge value to the event for them, long after the conference was over. Grant also generously provided access to other licensed business-building tools to help attendees boost their businesses further. When surveyed after the event about the whole content of the 2.5 day conference, 92.2% rated the importance of Grant’s workshop to future business success as EXTREMELY HELPFUL or VERY HELPFUL. A showman at heart, Grant is authentic in sharing his knowledge and experience gained in the sales industry and has many other fabulous gifts that he shares during his sessions to create a truly memorable event; he is creative with his use of technology, a talented musician and an achingly funny mimic! – Ginny Telfer EVENT MANAGER Resource Consulting Event Management.
What can I say, apart from wow! I first heard Grant speak at a doTERRA Essential Oils Training Conference, where I was also a guest speaker. From the moment Grant took the stage he was captivating, exciting and had everyone laughing. Grant is an amazing speaker and holds the attention of everyone in the room. His ability to pull information out of total strangers is exceptional, his ability to put minds at ease is graceful and his ability to convey his message is convincing. I would have Grant speak at any event I hosted, without hesitation.  Tracey Fry Founder and Director Sistermixin Pty Ltd
It was a pleasure and delight having Grant as our guest speaker. I was impressed by his ability to instantly engage his audience of very discerning women. Speaking with clarity, passion and honesty, he soon had smiles (and sometimes giggles!) on the faces and heads nodding in agreement and understanding. He certainly has a way of relating with his audience…well done Grant! – Kay Dolman Vice President Hobart Ionian Club
Step into Life Australia has engaged the services of Grant Mullen for business coaching and sales training for both our executive state teams and franchise network since January 2015. We identified the need to up skill our state recruitment teams and franchise partners and required support for a corporate culture change. Grant has been instrumental in guiding the company through this process. He has presented at two national conferences and has a powerful impact on our small business owners in understanding the sales process, mindset, business planning and marketing. Grant blends science, psychology, sales principles and entertainment to encourage his participants out of their comfort zone, to help them take a more active role as leaders within their business. Participants leave with the business tools to move forward with their business, which has also created an additional value offering to our franchise partners. Grant goes above and beyond to support Step into Life.  – Natalie Cazaux | National Marketing Manager Step into Life Head Office