Lisa McInnes-Smith

Lisa McInnes-SmithInternational Speaker Hall of Fame presenter Lisa McInnes-Smith has an extraordinary capacity to inspire audiences to make tangible shifts in behaviour.
Lisa McInnes-Smith is in the top echelon of corporate keynote speakers. She has presented to more than one million adults across twenty-two countries and authored seven bestselling books.  She has been instrumental in the transformation of people’s careers and relationships. As the first presenter outside the USA to be inducted into the Speaker Hall offame Lisa’s focus is inspiring leaders and creating tangible shifts in their people. Whether it be shifting attitudes, direction, behaviours or outcomes Lisa delivers results.
Her highly interactive keynote presentations take her audience on a journey, an unforgettable experience where they are challenged to embrace a new way of thinking about, and seeing, their current world.   Lisa not only inspires people to change but shows them the practical ways they can improve their behaviour and performance.  She brings the highest level of collaboration working with event organisers and her participation on the day.  Lisa McInnes-Smith is a consummate professional who delivers her absolute best every time she takes the stage.


Lead, Follow or Get Out of The Way
Audience members will recognize how their decisions to lead or follow have a large impact on the productivity of the team and organization. This humorous and compelling presentation will show your people that leadership is not a title or position but something that we all participate in.  Every organization depends on the quality and depth of its leaders. The best leaders are self-aware, clear in purpose, courageous and decisive – all attributes of an individual’s spirit and all learnable! This dynamic presentation takes your audience into a deeper understanding of the significant role that they play in the team.  All great leaders have good followers; followers that aspire to one day become great leaders.  In an uplifting, humorous & interactive presentation Lisa covers:
–        How to be inspiring
–        The attributes that will make you worth following as well as how to grow the most important leadership qualities
–        How to create an environment where people can thrive and fast track their
Sticky Teams! -The art of building great teams
This program is for any company that needs better teamwork, a healthier culture or improved staff engagement. It impacts sales teams, leadership teams and technical teams. It leaves people feeling empowered and united. Most teams have more potential and capacity than they demonstrate. This presentation focuses on helping people to become effective team players by helping each other to willingly shift their behaviour, habits and results.
Lisa demonstrates how team members can inspire others to deliver long-term positive outcomes. She helps individuals to utilise the two most important forms of feedback to multiply their own effectiveness and release the talents of those around them. This dynamic, practical session includes:
–        How to build a culture of connection, co-operation and excellence and bring clarity to the team’s purpose
–        Increase team energy, engagement and interaction and raise team performance by capitalising on strengths.
Up Your Capacity! – How to Raise Your Performance, Your Thinking and Your Results
In this presentation audience members will recognise and adopt the habits and actions that positively influence and shape their thinking, their expectations and their performance. Lisa McInnes-Smith is an expert at helping people increase their capacity and transform their personal performance.
Setting people on a strategic pathway of continuous improvement, Lisa helps identify what energises, engages, inspires and motivates individuals, while also pointing out what robs, deflates and saps their energy. In this up-lifting, fun-filled presentation Lisa will help raise the desire to step up and tackle the tasks that take us to the next level of achievement. The session ill explore:
–        The power of full engagement for creating personal and professional satisfaction and helping individuals to recognize the contribution they make to the company & what it means to perform at your maximum capacity.
–         The skills for better communication and how to generate supportive feedback and turn it into better performance
Empowering Women To Lead -Building influence and capacity
Most women have more potential and capacity than they currently use. This is the space where Lisa thrives. She inspires women to pursue significant goals, utilise their strengths and increase their capacity. Lisa helps women adapt their behaviour, their habits and their outcomes to achieve goals that matter.
Some of the key attributes of significant leaders are energy, passion, commitment and vision. When you add creativity, connection, empathy and integrity –many strong female traits – there exists greater potential for strong and healthy corporate communities. Lisa McInnes-Smith is on a mission to help women build significant careers and communities. In this Session you can expect these outcomes:
–        Improved teamwork, transparency, connection and communication with colleagues
–        Increased confidence to lead and greater consistency in delivering results
Our client response this morning was OUT OF THIS WORLD!!! I have been flooded with emails all morning about how great Lisa was.  Lisa – thanks for being magnificent yet again! – Randstad
The response to your presentation has been overwhelming. The impact on both business and the personal lives of our people astounded me.”- National Sales Manager, Nestle Australia
Your opening session set the theme for our event and energised our franchisees. Your unique communication style ensured your message sank in.  You exceeded our expectations from the initial meeting to the post-event debrief.- Advertising & Promotions Manager, Quest Serviced Apartments
I have received much positive feedback from the day, and I am delighted with the outcome.  Your presentation was both inspiring and informative for my staff.- General Manager Retail Banking, Westpac Banking Corporation